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  • 1. MSF team realizes that initiating a human rights movement across the country remains essential especially promoting human rights culture in educational institutions. The work must be strengthened at this moment. MSF believes all human beings have the burden to strive in solidarity for a society where human dignity, life, liberty, security and non-discrimination will be a part of daily culture in everyone’s life. Establishing human rights is difficult but not impossible, it only needs concerted efforts from every citizen.

  • 2. MSF team also rely on community activism against human rights violation and relentless efforts for the promotion of pluralism, equality and diversity.

  • 3. MSF team agree upon the above justifications and following upon that Manabadhidar Shongskriti Foundation (MSF) is formed to address the causes and consequences of the factors mentioned above to create a culture where human rights will be respected at every level of human life.