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The main objective of msf is to motivate as well as activate people to take positive actions in support of human rights. msf believes that every person can make a difference. The only way that human rights can be effectively protected is by respecting the principle that every individual possesses certain inherent fundamental rights that cannot be taken away – not even in the name of “the common good”, states of emergency, national security, or religious or other ideals. We cannot defend principles and ideals by actions which undermine the above principles. The specific objectives of msf are stated below:

  • • To raise awareness and motivate people for protecting human rights and creating human rights sensitivity in the society
  • • To protect and promote rights of children, girl child, women, minority, poor, workers, person with disability and all disadvantaged people
  • • To take up initiatives for enhancing access to justice for all
  • • To sensitize service providing state institutions for ensuring accountability
  • • To identify inconsistencies, lacunas of laws and rules related to human rights and undertake advocacy interventions at local, national and international level to amend those laws and rules.