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msf will adopt seven strategic approaches to achieve above mentioned 4 outputs which are mentioned below:

  1. Rights Based Approach: msf will follow the principles of Rights Based Approach in its activities

  2. Team Work: A spirited and committed team will be developed to implement the above mentioned activities; the team will be capacitated and empowered to take decisions for the organization independently

  3. Partnerships: All the field level activities will be implemented collectively with the selected partner NGOs/relevant institutions.

  4. Involve HRDs: msf will develop capacity of Human Rights Defenders in promoting human rights culture and enhance protest against human rights violations across the country individually and collectively.

  5. Engagement: Leaders of the CBOs will be engaged with the organization from the beginning and their support will be sought to implement the planned activities in all cases

  6. Community Activism: The organization will emphasize on community activism to enhance protest against human rights violation and follow bottom up approach and every decision will be taken through participatory manners.

  7. Peoples’ Organization: The organization will be developed as a peoples’ organization