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Output 1: Cases of human rights violation reported, investigated and prosecuted.

Major Activities:

  • 1) Identify and record incidences of human rights violation cases
  • 2) Fact finding/investigation
  • 3) Prepare monthly and yearly human rights report
  • 4) Press briefing
  • 5) Provide legal aid (mediation, arbitration, litigation)

Output 2: Practices, curriculum, policies or services in educational institutions improved to promote human rights culture in the society.

Major Activities:

  • 1) Develop student rights groups at schools, colleges and universities along with other cultural activities to promote human rights culture.
  • 2) Initiate debate, wall magazines and other competition events to promote and practice human rights culture
  • 3) Day observation events

Output 3: Community leaders, youth, journalists, lawyers and other groups organized to change behaviour, attitudes and practices with regard to human rights and take actions to prevent human rights violation.

Major Activities:

  • 1) Organize community leaders, youth groups at union, upazila and district level and assist them to form human rights defenders forum at the union, upazila, district and central level
  • 2) Organize journalists and lawyers and other groups to help them to develop their own organizations to promote and protect human rights culture
  • 3) Engage police, journalists, lawyers and local administrations to promote human rights culture
  • 4) Provide training to enhance knowledge, skills and change their practice in favor of human rights
Output 4: Key decision makers and authorities advocated for changes in behaviour, attitudes or practices to take actions for promoting human rights culture in the society.

Major Activities:

  • 1) Documentation
  • 2) Publication
  • 3) Campaign
  • 4) Lobbying
  • 5) Advocacy (local, national and international)